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Moodswing Woogie FB0391-496, (September 1, 1996) Number of Discs: 1
denis farley
- Flat Baroque
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1. Somebody Else's Blues (Cleopatra's Needle) || 2. Mood Swing Boogie (Freeway Crawl) || 3. Gal Rider || 4. Long Shadows
5. Crazy Over You || 6. River boat Song || 7. The Pearl || 8. A Wee Bit || 9. Ghost of Bannerman's Island
10. Love The Years Away || 11. Sandy Beach w/intro by Pete Seeger

Additional Credits

1. Somebody Else's Blues (Cleopatra's Needle ) 4:45 Gregg Gerson, Denis Farley - Pouring Rain Music BMI
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Recorded 10/15/95 Interface Studio NY, NY; Gregg Gerson-Producer, Eric Butler - Engineer, Mark Lopez - Asst. Engineer; Gregg Gerson - Keys, Drums & Percussion; Eric Boyd - Bass; Benny Landa - Guitar; Denis Farley - Vocal & harmonica. Remixed 04/11/96 Mountain View Productions Grants Pass, OR; Bob Pagano - Engineer; Harmonica - Denis, Oregon Production.

Well I've been listening to you talk for too long now it seems
while drinking from a broken cup along the steep and rocky way
clever words entranced me like a carnival parade
dancing masks, laughing past time's hidden face
I didn't mind paying dues following behind you
but I got my own troubles just like somebody else's blues
Done my share of shuffling been around a few bends
if you come around baby I'm ready to do it all over again
took hand-me-downs gladly wore redemption around my soul
I could grant a few wishes now and when the bell begins to toll
just let me get it right do what I need to do
St Peter don't you call me with somebody else's blues

They say that heaven, heaven is the place to go
but I ain't heard nobody tell me they've seen the show

Now I ain't pretending to be some kind of saint
I have a litany that would make most people faint
my little spin it works just fine for me
and I had plenty of time to arrange it, it's time to let it be
my camel's steady, she's ready for stepin'on thru
Cleopatra's Needle threaded with somebody else's blues

They say that heaven, heaven is the place to go
but I ain't heard nobody tell me they seen the show
they say that love, love is all you need to know
if they forget to boogie I guess I'll be needing to blow
(2nd ending - let me call the tune one time and we'll be dancing down the road

This cut has Bleeker & McDougal street denizen Gregg Gerson (former Billy Idol, Joe Cocker, Roger Daltry, Eric Burden and multiple gold record winning drummer), co-producing, co-writing, adding keys and all percussion to this 16-bar Lightening Hopkins influenced shuffle. . . with a chorus and John Lee Hooker style boogie bridge. Despite what you may have heard about other blues hot spots, it doesn't come any easier in Greenwich Village!

2. Mood Swing Woogie (Freeway Crawl) 6:50 Denis Farley - Pouring Rain Music BMI
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Recorded 1/5/88 Natural Sound Miami, FL; Tom Anthony - Engineer; Winter 1996 Back A Yard Studio Findlay, OH; Fuzz Samuel - Engineer; Mixed 2/1&3/96 Metrosound Granada Hills, CA; Tom Thomas - Engineer; Harvey Mandel - Guitar; Calvin Fuzz Samuel - Bass; Brantley Kearns - Violin; James Cruce - Drums; Denis Farley - Harmonica.

This is a medium slow jazz styled head arrangement stated on harmonica over a stray guitar track from an earlier Pryvit Blewz session for Flat Baroque and Denis by legendary Chicago and Bay area guitarist Harvey Mandel (Little Richard, Canned Heat, Charlie Musselwhite, John Mayall, Rolling Stones, etc.) and veteran L.A. violinist Brantley Kearns (David Bromberg, Billy Joe Shaver, Dwight Yokum, Steve Alvin, etc.). Brantley stretches out with his "Stuff" Smith (stuff) here. Antiguan native and legendary bassist, Calvin ‘Fuzz’ Samuel ponders the melo-rhythmic essence in the bottom line (The Equals, Osibissa, CSN&Y, Manassas, Dr. John, Jimi Hendrix, Taj Majal, Herbie Mann, Funkadelics, Wailers, Alvin Lee, etc.), while ubiquitous L.A. drummer James Cruce (JJ Cale, Juke Logan, etc.) strokes the beat.

3. Gal Rider 7:26 & 4. Long Shadows 8:32 Denis Farley - Pouring Rain Music BMI
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Recorded 11/4/91 Applehead Sound Bearsville, NY; Todd Levine & Michael Evan Birnbaum - Engineer; Jimmy Eppard - Guitar; Howie Brown - B-3 Organ; Mike Dunn - Bass; Randy Ciarlante - Drums; Denis Farley - Vocal & Harmonica; (Long Shadows - Remixed 10/02/95 Studio Twist NY, NY; Michael Mittlesdorf - Engineer), Denis Farley - Vocal.

I know a gal rider she's sweet as apple cider sure like to have her fun
n'that gal rider got a kick like hard cider when the way yer going ain't the one
don't give her no sad eyed pining, no moonlight sighing when she tells you that the fun is done
since I was a spider I couldn't sit beside her had to spin my web far away
but down by the river it was easy to forgive her for those promises she didn't have to make
n' that gal rider, sweet as apple cider y'know anybody can make a mistake

She likes to make conditions, she's glad I was a singing, speaking in a poetical way
she said you better be spiritual come up with a few miracles take me to a heavenly place
n' I could sit beside her being a gruesome spider but I had to leave her plenty of space, space?
She'd say ... If you was a wizard life would be so exquisite you could make it such a holiday
you could build your rainbow rider and I know you'd be excited when I showed you my milky way. . .
Her milky way? I thought it was a national park

oh yeah rainbow we went rainbow, rainbow riding
We went rainbow, rainbow riding six colors on the way to sunday
we went rainbow, rainbow riding six colors on the way to sunday
well I took her to outer space she said this must be the place for you to get out and play, play?

These two were cut at Michael Birnbaum's home studio one wintery Woodstock, NY day back in 1991. Jimmy Eppard's band, The Crows, set up in Mike's living room and Jimmy's amp was in a room upstairs while he stayed with the band downstairs. I was in the upstairs (bedroom) control room singing and playing the harp. It's essentially a live session with one over dub, Jimmy's lead guitar on both cuts and my vocal on Long Shadows. The Crows were a Woodstock, NY secret, like a rare vintage one keeps in the cellar for a special occasion . . . and Jimmy, a much in demand vocalist and guitarist. Jimmy and I won a 'best vocal duo' at the Dutchess County Fair in upstate NY one year, and we've been friends for a bunch. Randy Ciarlante, the drummer now tours and records with Levon Helm and the '90s version of The Band, while Jimmy and the Crows have become the Cromatix and back Levon Helm. We got together again at the I.M.A.C. Theater in Huntington, NY (on Long Island) for a show ... all of us with Levon Helm. It was great!! . . . By the way, Jimmy got his son's band signed to Univeral MCA and will be co-producing with partner Mike Birnbaum and the boys, their initial release with the label.

4. Long Shadows 8:32
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s & CD Baby

Midnight in my memory, honey I still feel the afterglow
It's midnight in my memory I'm still caught in your undertow
When you stepped into the sun this morning baby you left me a long shadow

Well I spent the morning dreaming until I heard the bell of high noon
I spent the morning dreaming until I heard the bell of high noon
I had some business coming from the station
but I only heard your whisperin' across the moon, yellow moon

But I'm cool, in your shadow honey I just called to let you know
yes I'm cool...in your shadow just watching this shadow grow
I can't wait to be together when the sun is way down low

You know I got the big empty just like the tin man on the yellow brick road
you know I got the big empty like the tin man on the yellow brick road
Well I ain't a lying to nobody n' I'm sick n'tired of scaring crows

But I'm cool in your shadow...etc.

5. Crazy Over You 3:48 Todd Giudice - Pouring Rain Music BMI
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Recorded 1/22/93 Applehead Sound, Bearsville, NY; Michael Evan Birnbaum - Engineer; Todd Giudice - Vocal & Guitar; Jeff Smith - B-3 Organ; Brad Hauser - Bass; Chris Pritchard - Drums; Denis Farley - Harmonica; Jim Horend & all - Backing Vocals.

Well the road I'm on it's long and black
it's slow and mean like a heart attack
got an eerie feeling deep down in my bones
it makes me scream and shout gurgle and moan

I know where I'm going (I know where I'm going ),
I know where I'm going (I know where I'm going)
Yeah I know where I'm going, I'm going crazy over you

I got a postcard from the rubber room
said wish you were here I'll probably be there soon
there's a full moon beaming down evil rays
and my head's on fire in a synaptic blaze . . .

I know where I'm going, etc.

Here I am again at Michael Birnbaum's Applehead studio about a year later but now Michael has become partners with legendary Woodstock promoter Michael Lang, who has housed the studio in his remote mountain cabin in Bearsville, not far from Woodstock. He's upgraded to 24 tracks analog and my favorite thing about it besides the sound is the big aromatic Birch tree just outside the control room. The new band is Todd Giudice's The Avengers, a four piece ensemble I joined in 1992. Sitting in on bass is Brad Hauser (of the New Bohemians), one of the most impressive players I had the good fortune to meet. Todd's band was tight and had been together for quite sometime. I dug this tune of Todd's and persuaded him to cut it with me and release it on the CD. These guys were one of the best bar dance bands I've ever played with. Next is one of my favorite J.J. Cale songs that we used to cover quite often. Regular bassist, Jim Horend helps out on the high harmonies. BTW, Mike Birnbaum is now partners with Jimmy Eppard of the Cromatix (see above) and they're building a new studio in Woodstock . . . with one of George Martin's old Neve boards. Jimmy and Mike along with the kids produced Jimmy's son's band and they have been signed to MCA. Look out!!

6. River boat Song 4:25 J.J Cale - J.J. Cale Music, Audiogram Songs, Inc. BMI
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Recorded 1/22/93 also at Applehead w/Michael Evan Birnbaum - Engineer. Todd Giudice - Guitar; Jeff Smith - Acoustic Guitar; Brad Hauser - Bass; Chris Pritchard - Drums; Denis Farley - Vocal & Harmonica; Jim Horend & all - Backing Vocals. Remixed 1/11/96 Metrosound, Granada Hills, CA Tom Thomas - Engineer; Brantley Kearns - Violin; Denis -Vocal.

I hear a whistle, I hear a woman moan
must be my baby, coming home
she been down to Tupelo singing that river boat song
she a dancer, a river boat queen
she teach them gamblers, most anything
she been down to Tupelo singing that river boat song

Many nights, I spend alone, many days, their ain't nobody home
many times, I wish she was here
I hear that river boat whistle blow (2x)
I know she's getting near
river captain bring my baby home
I guess I'm lonesome since she been gone
she been down in Tupelo working that river boat song.

7. The Pearl 4:32 Denis Farley, Dennis Menard - Pouring Rain Music BMI
MP3 Audio - 30 sec sample

Recorded 10/1/87 Natural Sound Miami, FL Tom Anthony - Engineer; Paul Harris - Midi/Emu Bass, Keys, Horn, Strings & Percussion; Kevin Hurley - Acoustic Guitar; Tom Anthony - Drum Program; Remixed 4/11/96 Ashland, OR; Tom Freeman - Engineer; Denis Farley - Vocal & Harmonica.

He'll be waiting to see her in the cantina about eight
this face on the poster my lady she's the bait
it's true they once were lovers on the run one morning he was gone
now love is blind like justice when it comes down to right and wrong

He'll have a pearl for your rapture like none you've ever seen
and the value of this wonder is the price you place on your dreams

It was later when I saw her, all roses and lace
like a dancer she moved to the corner where a sombrero covered a face
he wooed her with laughter like the echoes of a thousand tears
and when I moved to take him, there rose a ghostly cheer

Don't take that pearl my lovely, there's danger for a friend
there's no bounty for the capture without time...time
Beware my darling, any moment could be the end
there's no bounty for the capture, without time for love to spend

I faced this pistelero with a trembling in my heart
but a shot rang out that instant and a bullet found it's mark
now my lady holds me tightly beneath that laughing sun
and that pearl has found another fool to keep it on the run . . .

She'll have a pearl mi amigo like none you've ever seen
and the value of this wonder is the price you place on your dreams
don't take that pearl mi amigo there's danger for a friend
there's no bounty for the capture without time ...time.

In Miami, I had pretty good luck finding musicians to play with. Here I'm working with the great Paul Harris (hear his keyboard on the original B.B. King cut of The Thrill is Gone). Paul is just one of those guys that you can't think of one negative thing to say about, a total sweetheart. Along with Paul is Kevin Hurley. To most folks in Miami, that follow music, Kevin is a star player and vocalist. His amplified acoustic guitar sound, like Stephen Stills and Country Joe McDonald, is far advanced and his slide playing is even better. He did a cut with me on my last album, Pryvit Blewz with Harvey Mandel on electric. This tune is a Latin 'South of the Border' feel that I got going with Dennis Menard (another Miami musician) in Peekskill, New York in the fall of 1984. It's like a little drama to a groove - great fun. Natural Sound was a haunt of mine and engineer Tom Anthony and I had worked on a lot of my acoustic stuff over the years.

8. A Wee Bit 2:40 Denis Farley - Pouring Rain Music BMI
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Recorded 5/27/86 Natural Sound Miami, FL Tom Anthony - Engineer; Harry Morgan - Backing Vocals & Acoustic Guitar; Edgar Allen Poe IV - Backing Vocal & Jaw Harp; Denis Farley - Vocal & Harmonica; Remixed 4/11/96 Ashland, OR Tom Freeman - Engineer, Conga, Percussion; Valerie Stopski - Tumba; Denis Farley - Percussion.

I joined a sailing crew out on the Woody
and I was working in the Woody shed
said don't worry about that ice & snow Blenny
there's soup steaming in the shed

It's just a wee bit, a wee bit baby
just a wee bit, a wee bit maybe
just a wee bit, a wee bit baby
and the Woody's gonna sail again

It's a river rat hibernation,
no need to put the sails to rest
I might be looking at the North Pole baby
but my ears are pointing east and west

It's just a wee bit...etc.

Sandpaper's shaking rhythm,
we're pulling out the rot and grime
before you slip on all that elbow grease baby
we'll pull out some more good times

It's just a wee bit...etc.

When the wood smoke is full of blossoms
we'll be haulin'on a downhill run
Crow's Nest is laughing all the way to summer,
Jack Frost is melting in the fun

It's just a wee bit...etc.

Here again with Tom Anthony at Natural Sound in Miami with Harry Morgan on acoustic guitar. Harry specialized in an unamplified acoustic sound that few could match in Coconut Grove and around South Florida. Harry's dad was the banjo player in the Spike Jones Orchestra, and his mom was the MC. As a kid he traveled with the band by train when they toured, just like the old Circus. The tune was inspired by Pete Seeger's Beacon Sloop Club boat, The Woody Guthrie, in honor of his long time friend and famous rambling dustbowl troubadour. During the winter we would work with Pete in a makeshift plastic covered woodframe workshop, getting the Woody ready for another season of sailing. Some days it would get so cold that the potbelly stove and hot soup wouldn't be enough to keep you warm. So we'd sing songs about warmth, and work as hard as we could to get up the body heat. This was my song, set to a tropical calypso beat, about warmth. We finished it up finally in Ashland, Oregon, of all places (with snow still on the surrounding mountains), adding more tropical percussion.

9. Ghost of Bannerman's Island 3:01 Denis Farley - Pouring Rain Music BMI
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Recorded 12/30/85 Mood Creations Ossining, NY; Mitch Cohen - Engineer; Victor Schwartz - Guitar; Denis Farley - Vocal & Harmonica; Remixed 8/11/87 Natural Sound Miami, FL Tom Anthony - Engineer; Edgar Allen Poe IV - Jaw Harp.

If you've got the crust to scale the eastern crest
in the early hours of a Storm King mist
it'll glide o'er the glass with a nefarious list
the ghost of Bannerman's Island
It's a ghoulish crew that prowls her shoals
for the foolish few that'll pay the toll
for iron shot and powder n'the ghost of Bannerman's Island

From this fear you fear no escape
and from the nightmare you scream awake
you've got a good reason to shiver and shake
the ghost of Bannerman's Island

Directing the scene on the land,
Barabus grins like an elected man
that jester who smiles the mighty frown,
ghost of Bannerman's Island

As the soldiers march across a morning sky,
the ruined castle wonders why
and the wolves that still must rule the deep,
they study the movements of the meek

From this fear you fear no escape
and from the nightmare you scream awake
you've got a good reason to shiver and shake
the ghost of Bannerman's Island

This tune was cut on the first working day of 1985 in Ossining, NY not far from Bannerman's Island. If you've never been to this area of the Hudson River, just north Storm King and Breakneck Mountain, which is just north of Crows Nest Mountain on the west side which is just north of West Point and Bear Mountain, (and that's the bear facts - confused yet?). That area is called the Hudson Highlands which you've probably heard about in your history books or by word of mouth, 'cause it was a hot spot in the battle for independence and the birth of this here United States. There was a beautiful old Scottish Castle on the island. As kids we were always curious about the island but no one that we knew ever set foot on it. Those who tried were met with barking dogs and shotgun blasts, kind of like that island in Dr. No with James Bond and Honychild Ryder. Vic Schwarz helps out on guitar here. I love some of the minor bluesy pics of his, and we got a weird microphone setup going to pick up the string clicks of his metal finger picks. It was sort of a tap tapping like in Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. By the way, Edgar Allan Poe IV helps out on gismoed jaw harp. Allan has a moveable blues band wherever he happens to get a notion to transform hisself into a delta bluesman. He calls the band Al Poe and the Beef Chunks. Last I played with him, was in Hollywood, CA summer in '96, at a TV station and on a recording session. He's been doing some impressive acting gigs lately on TV and film, but I've been meaning to tell you that his unplugged jaw harp as well as background vocals graced A Wee Bit too. Vic (back to the guitar player) is running a successful violin and guitar repair shop on Rt 9 (the old Albany Post Road) in Cold Spring, NY now. Pete Seeger credits Vic with the idea to build the Clearwater Sloop, which I'll talk about later. Vic used to say that his musical education ended with Pete's '40/50s era smash group, The Weavers. I read or heard that they had the number one hit for the entire year twice in the '50s. You know when they count down at the end of the year who had the number one tune for the year - mind boggling no? Kinda like Elvis, The Beatles or Madonna or somebody - The Drifters?. The tunes were On Top of Old Smokey and Goodnight Irene.

10. Love The Years Away 2:53 Denis Farley, Albert Williams - Pouring Rain Music, Irish Indian Music BMI
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Recorded 5/20/87 Rainbow Recording Nashville, TN; Scott Baggett - Engineer; Albert Williams - Acoustic Guitar; Denis Farley - Vocal.

I never was much good at love for more than just a night
always danced my way through life shooting out the lights
didn't care for anyone I only thought of me
but I'm older now and I can see that it's time to set things right

Love, me as I am today, love the years away
love me as I am today, love the years away

You don't seem to realize how much you are like me
not the man I have become but how I used to be
you're the wild one running free loving recklessly
you don't have to learn like me how easy life can be
Love me as I am today, love the years away
love me as I am today, love the years away

I met Albert Williams, the guitarist, singer/songwriter in Nashville in '87 a few months before this was cut. Albert was living on Villa street just off the fabled "16th Avenue, - where the boys make the noise." Normally I'm not this self revealing, but when yer in love or something, funny things happen. Albert and his wife Alice get around the folk festivals quite a bit. For two not consecutive years they were picked to perform at the Kerrville Folk Festival - New Folk presentations. Then they won a national song competition for a gospel song we wrote together, Dark Waters. One of these days were gonna record it in a church! With a real pipe organ! I heard there's one here in L.A. so. . .

11. Sandy Beach 6:12 Denis Farley - Pouring Rain Music BMI
MP3 Audio - 30 sec sample

Recorded 8/1/86 Rolling Thunder Mobile Recorder at the Beacon Sloop Club, Beacon, NY; Mike Roam - Engineer; Pete Seeger - Banjo & Introduction; Jimmy Eppard - Acoustic Guitar; Geoff Brown - Harmonica; All Musicians & The Beacon Sloop Club - Backing Vocals (Karen Hinderstien - High Harmonies); Denis Farley - Vocal.
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Pete Seeger's introduction was recorded at South Street Pier during Clearwater's annual Pumpkin Sail in the fall of 1983. If you would like to know more about Clearwater: 112 Market St. Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 (914) 454-7673
"I'd like everybody to know a funny contradiction. All around America there are parks, city parks, country parks, state parks, national parks. How often do you see them advertised? Every park administrator lives in hope, goes to bed praying, please lord, please not too many people use my park. Why? Because the budget has been cut, he can't clean up, and, he's told the budget is not going to get any bigger.
Well, to break this deadlock, we're trying an experiment up the river. There's a beautiful beach and I'd like to tell all of you about it. If you like to swim, and you'd like to come up the Hudson river next summer when the swimming time comes along or if you'd like to camp out, you can come in Winter! It's twenty-seven acres that sticks out into the river from the railroad tracks, just north of the town of Cold Spring, about four miles south of where Denis and I live in Beacon. Three hundred yards of beautiful gray Sandy Beach, and a little mountain, a little hill and a cliff, and some trees and a beautiful view . . . and, we decided we're going to help as many people to know about this as possible, until sooner or later something is going to have to be done! There's going to be so many people using that beach!"

I was raised under a mountain where a light warned of the danger
coming up the river the red coats they did cry
now again there is a beacon and it shines up on the mountain
warning of the danger flowing down into the tide
Now I look at all the people as they gather'round their steeples
searching for the answers and crying out the lies
we make mistakes like humans some problems so confusing
but together we can harmonize together we can try...

Sandy Beach O Sandy Beach
as a child my love did reach,
these mountains all around and the river flowing by
O my Sandy Beach...I'm gonna keep you alive

I've seen some folks gone fishing but their catchin's been wishing
there ain't much to eat these days in the creek that flows through town
but they don't need to worry they get jobs in the factories
nothing but the devil to pay for the fish that got away
It's a mighty river but we are a mighty people
we win or lose together on the race that we must run
the earth she is our mother she is life there is no other
reasons for believing or believing in a song

Chorus - Sandy Beach . . .

I come back home for a little while just to see my old friends' smile
and it's twice as hard to leave when the highway calls my name
it must be Rip Van Winkle and the sandman's sandy twinkle
for I'm blinking and believing that life can be a dream Chorus - 2x

What can you say when you get an opportunity to record with Pete Seeger. Well you don't talk much unless it's a talking blues, you sing. That's what I did here, rehearsed until my throat was raw and then went into the Beacon Sloop club with a mobil recorder and laid it down on the fly. Luckily we had been singing the song at festivals and Sloop get togethers for about a year, so everybody was pretty familiar with it. But the live recordings during '83, were usually on poor equipment or not quite right, although there was one performance that somebody taped in Cold Spring with Pete playing twelve string that I really liked. So it wasn't until three years later that I got to do it with all the singers in one place again. Luckily for me they remembered the song and of course if you're singing along with Pete, ya can't much go wrong! Later an ad hoc committee raised more than $300,000 to save Sandy Beach. To this day it's watched over by a park ranger and is still a free wild place for all to visit and enjoy! "Power to the People! - for the people by the people!"

All songspublished by Pouring Rain Music BMI unless otherwise noted. © 1996 Flat Baroque Records All songs produced by Denis Farley for Pouring Rain Music unless otherwise noted. Mastered by Eric Bonetti at Vivid, Brookings, OR, and Dave Conrad at Sound Concepts, Manhattan Beach, CA. Cover, tray back & some insert photos by Kevin Stapleton. Cover harmonica is a Silvertone Deluxe courtesy of Huang Harmonicas, Silvertone Deluxe illustration by Catherine Ann Ryder. Additional graphics and layout by Denis Farley. Special thanks to all the helping hands along the way. Dedicated to TC for doing what he could & Rose Marie for that first harp. More Special thanks to Hy Shore - Pouring Rain Music. They sound and look so good together.

Other Flat Baroque Records by Denis Farley: Biscayne Bay FB841, Pryvit Blewz FB 1288.

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