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Moodswing Woogie FB0391-496, (September 1, 1996) Number of Discs: 1
denis farley
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Denis Farley - Moodswing Woogie
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Sally Upshaw (Tri-State Blues, November '98)
Link To Tri-State Blues"Moodswing Woogie" is the perfect title for Denis Farley's newest release. Consisting of mainly original material that ranges from upbeat boogie blues to slow folksey ballads, this CD will make you want to get up and dance one minute, and then sit back and contemplate life the next. Featuring a wide array of talented musicians such as Pete Seeger and Calvin "Fuzz" Samuel, this effort reflects the many "moods" of Denis Farley's music. The first two cuts on the CD, "Somebody Else's Blues" and "Gal Rider" are upbeat blues tunes. The title song, "Mood Swing Woogie" is a nice laid back instrumental piece that showcases Farley's soulful harp playing as well as "Fuzz" Samuel on Bass, Brantley Kearns on violin, and Harvey Mandel on guitar. Another favorite, "Long Shadow" is a slow sexy blues tune. The second half of the CD features more folk oriented selections. While "The Pearl" is a very mellow ballad, ""A Wee Bit" is a very upbeat happy folk tune that features Edgar Allen Poe IV on the Jaw Harp. "Love the Years Away" is a lovely romantic tune and the final cut, "Sandy Beach" rings pure Americana complete with an introduction by Pete Seeger telling us to support our national parks and beaches. Focusing on blues and folk music, "Mood Swing Woogie" is a CD with music that reflects our roots and heritage and one artist's musical journey. And it proves that Denis Farley is on the right track. - Sally Upshaw (Tri-State Blues, November '98)

"Denis Farley: The Poetic Harp" --The Curry Coastal Pilot, OR 7/95
Growing up in New York City, Denis Faley learned a few things about the back alleys of music, enough to know the mainstream was a little one way for him.
Farley has gone from folk to blues to jazz to calypso, but he' settled on an eclectic brand of blues and folk, a melding of harmonica and poetry that would probably ring as true throught the streets of Greenwigh Village as it will through Azalea Park Tuesday.
"I cut my teeth in Miami, but I abosrbed it in New York," Farley said of his music style. "I listened to AM radio incessantly."
Farley, who has played with blues legend John Lee Hooker and folk legend Pete Seeger, said the folk influenece is still the most apparent.
He has also played many instruments, but harmonica is closest to his heart. "It is a magical instrument for me," he said.

From the Label
MOODSWING WOOGIE, his third release for FLAT BAROQUE features a collection of studio and live recordings spanning the years 1983 through 96. With more than 50 musicians (see guest artists below) and vocalists there are too many gold and platinum recording credits to mention, not to mention a 1997 Grammy Winner. It is both an archive and sampler of an artist riding the rails of necessity with the currency of invention.

Guest Artists and side folks (band information)
Denis Farley - vocal, harmonica, percussion
Harvey Mandel - guitar (Canned Heat, John Mayall, Charlie Musselwhite, etc.)
'Fuzz' Samuel - bass (Dr John, Taj Mahal, Herbie Mann, Jimi Hendrix, Stephen Stills, etc.)
Paul Harris - keyboards (B.B. King, Stephen Stills, Dion, Al Kooper, etc.)
Brantley Kearns - violin (David Bromberg, Dwight Yokum, Billy Joe Shaver, etc.)
Gregg Gerson - drums (Billy Idol, Joe Cocker, Roger Daltry, Eric Burdon, etc.)
Brad Hauser - bass (Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, etc.)
Randy Ciarlante - drums (Levon Helm, The Band, etc.)
Jimmy Eppard - guitar (Levon Helm, the Band, Memphis Pilgrims, etc.)
Mike Dunn - bass (Levon Helm, Crowmatix, etc.)
James Cruce - drums (J.J. Cale, Juke Logan, etc.)
Pete Seeger - vocals, banjo (Pete's been a long time coming and he'll be a long time gone. If you don't know what he's done for music on this planet besides winning multiple gold and platinum awards for songs and recordings, than your in for extensive and rewarding research. He won a Grammy in '97 for his the album, Pete, was a member of the Almanac Singers with Lee Hayes and Woody Guthrie and then helped found the incredible Weavers (a "fluke" as Pete describes them) hitting the "big time." Blacklisted by the McCarthy fiasco in the '50s he struggled back and turned the corner in '67. President Clinton awarded him a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. along with Kirk Douglas and others a few years ago, etc.)
Victor Schwarz - guitar
Albert Williams - guitar
Howie Brown - B3 Organ
Kevin Hurley - guitar
Todd Giudice - guitar, vocal
and many more . . .



Press Release - Los Angeles, CA  
November 1998 

This is the third release for Denis Farley on his home grown label, Flat Baroque Records. 1988's PRYVIT BLEWZ received a "Best New Blues Recording" at the Florida Panhandle 100,000 watt NPR Station, WUWF-FM 88.1, in May of 1988. This inspired the flat baroque promotional team to split their personalties more than they could possibly afford and extend this regional perfidy to the growing list of radio stations the insomniacs down in the research department were sure existed somewhere just over the rainbow. Naturally tracking this nightmare was the bane of all possible conventional recreation and sometimes food (". . . my how trim you're looking these days denis!") and a boon to the local telephone company. Conversations with strangers in remote 30 watt community stations could extend to weather, the local bar scene and various places where one might find a bed while hitchhiking . . . ummm, touring through town. Despite this madness or perhaps as a direct result, PRYVIT BLEWZ, received air plays (regular play list additions) from Florida to Alaska and Europe as well. The cut 'Hustler's Lament' from the album was licensed to Mobile Records' juke compilation release and has stayed in the top ten 'Street Beat' charts covering that market since 1992. The CD is on its way to juke box history of sorts, having already reached the 'classic' stage at Mobile Records, which went belly up in the face of all this success, and has reemerged as Memory Machine Records under the umbrella of Harvey's Music in Pittsburgh, PA . . . All this despite including ‘Hustler's Lament' in the lineup, although the technicians at the pressing plant were sure the disc was somehow "heavier" with its inclusion.

So, it's anybody's guess what the future holds for this new release. In ten years the game has changed dramatically. With the aid of the new electronic publishing and distribution systems available on the Internet, servicing both the media and consumer, promotion and distribution are immediately 'International' in nature. Moodswing Woogie is a collection of songs and players spanning a thirteen-year period - from 1983 when the introduction to Sandy Beach was recorded during a live performance with Pete Seeger at South Street Pier in New York City, to the final mixes in the spring of 1996 in Ashland, Oregon. More than fifty musicians and singers participated at sessions in over six states and as many studios. These journeyman tracks feature a broad cross section of recognizable players and styles with gold and platinum recording credits, as well as new talent worthy of your attention. One of these days we'll get some hot wax out there, in the meantime lookout for a live show with denis and . . .

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