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Denis Farley - Discography
Pryvit Blewz - Flat Baroque (FB882) - 1988 - (more info)

album cover DENIS FARLEY: Pryvit Blewz

A fresh and exciting blend of blues, folk and Caribbean music. A harmonica player by trade, his down-home music eloquently straddles the rickety rural fence that divides blues and folk. --Listen.com

Moodswing Woogie - (FB0391-496) - 1996 - (more info)
album cover DENIS FARLEY: Moodswing Woogie

MOODSWING WOOGIE, his third release for FLAT BAROQUE features a collection of studio and live recordings spanning the years 1983 through 96. With more than 50 musicians and vocalists there are too many gold and platinum recording credits to mention, not to mention a 1997 Grammy Winner. It is both an archive and sampler of an artist riding the rails of necessity with the currency of invention.Urban Roots in . . .Blues, Ballads, Folk, Pop, etc.

DENIS FARLEY: Nashville Sessions DENIS FARLEY: Nashville Sessions

Smooth Blues. Everybody gets the blues, but the expression is what sets us apart. This is like searching for a blue orchid, which may or may not exist depending on who you talk to, and where you're looking.

Biscayne Bay - Flat Baroque (FB841) - 1984 - (more info)

Biscayne Bay

This is the artist's and label's first release, a 7" 45 rpm single. The vinyl is out of print but can be special ordered on cassette or MP3.
A Side: Pony Express
B Side: Biscayne Bay


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